He really needed to take care of himself.

I was never so surprised as I was with my sister’s husband. I really thought he was an okay guy when they got married. The longer they were together, the worse he got. He was so lazy that my sister had to call one of us to help her out. Together, my brothers and I did all the work to redo her home and make it livable, My oldest brother is a plumber and my younger brother and I got into HvAC. He had a home for them, but the house was falling apart. He kept telling her that he was going to remodel, but he never did. We got together and put in a new sink and gave her a new bathroom. I went in and did all of the HvAC work while my younger brother put radiant heating into the bathroom. Her house was really nice until we were done. He didn’t even lift a finger to help. He would sit in the room and watch as we installed the furnace, and never even said we did good work. When I was connecting the air conditioning, he said he couldn’t wait for it to be cooler in the house. I thought he would at least offer to help a bit, or even offer some money for all of the equipment and material we bought. He ignored everything we were doing and went to town. We were livid and had it not been for our sister, we wouldn’t have been in that house. When she divorced him, we made sure she got the house. It was she and her brothers who rebuilt that house from the ground up.

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