He just needed to focus.

My son really wanted to work with heating and air conditioning.

I remembered how he was always pretending to be an HVAC technician when he was just a little boy.

When he turned eight, he told his dad he wanted to be the one who changed the air filters. He had no problem doing the job and he was diligent enough to make sure the air filters were changed every month. When he got old enough to go to school and get certified to be an HVAC certified technician, he was excited. I thought he would do an amazing job, but I was wrong. Right from the beginning, he was flailing. He knew the work and he was able to do hands-on work, but he had to also be able to do the written work and book work. He didn’t have enough patience to sit and focus. He had a really difficult time in getting through that part of the work. He was frustrated and ready to give up. His dad sat him down and they had a long chat. He told our son that he had to focus. If he really wanted to be an HvAC technician, he had to focus and persevere. I thought he listened, but I wasn’t sure. He went back to school the next night. When he got back, he told us he was quitting HvAC certification. Everyone was ahead of him in the classwork and he couldn’t keep up. I asked him if he had talked to the instructor and he said no. I told him to talk to his instructor. I wasn’t sure if he was going to stay in school, but I don’t want to see him give up.


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