He Broke Her AC System And Charged Her For It

I have always admired my grandmother.

She’s been through a lot in her lifetime, but she’s always managed to handle everything with grace and thankfulness.

It’s qualities like these that make me want to be just like her. In all my life, I’ve never seen her lash out at someone or let her emotions get the best of her. This week however, she’s been very stressed out and I’m afraid she’s going to lose her cool before soon. It all started with her routine heating and air appointment. Before the appointment, there was nothing wrong with her HVAC system, she was simply hiring an HVAC professional to come make sure her equipment was running efficiently. She said there was a new HVAC professional whom she’d never seen before, and he was taking forever. Finally, he came downstairs and had a worried look on his face. He told her there was an issue with her AC system, so it wasn’t running efficiently and it would need serious work. This furiated my grandmother, because there was nothing wrong with her HVAC system before this new HVAC professional came, and she had just had her AC system worked on 6 months ago. The total repair was going to cost $700! She is so stressed out about the situation, because she’s almost positive the new professional broke her equipment and is trying to charge her for his mistake. She can’t prove it though, so she’s stuck paying the bill for her HVAC professional’s mistake.
Heating repair

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