Glad the pups are comfortable

A few months ago, our spouse plus I decided to foster some puppies for the local shelter.

I was against the plan at first, mostly because I didn’t feel like the two of us had enough time to foster babies.

You know, little puppies require a lot of work. They have to have outdoor time constantly because they need to go pee every minute. Even in the wee hours of night, the puppies still require time plus energy. Even if the two of us were sincerely busy, our spouse still wanted to foster these little guys. The two of us drove over to the humane society last Wednesday after work to get them. I have not been to the location since they completed the major renovations plus I was surprised to see all of the changes. The biggest one, I thought, is the addition of temperature control in the outdoor bays. They finally can keep more pets now, because the extra space has efficient temperature control. The new place looks great, feels cool plus extremely comfortable, plus even smells quite fresh. They must have upgraded all of the ventilation machine in there too, because I didn’t hear the same loud noises coming all the time from the overhead vents. They were regularly loud plus I often worried they would fall on our head. The rust plus dust was undoubtedly holding the highly outdated ventilation work together. It was difficult not to smile when we were presented with the tiny pair of pups. The two of us get to keep them for a full week, plus after that, they will be ready for adoption.


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