Glad I had an old dial thermostat to replace my broken smart thermostat

I have had a smart thermostat in my residence for a few years now plus it has absolutely served me well.

However, recently the smart thermostat had seen its day plus it broke down completely… I was trying to figure out if I wanted to get a current smart thermostat or just replace the smart thermostat with an older thermostat.

That was when I easily remembered that I had an old dial thermostat that was still in great working order. The old dial thermostat was almost as good as new. And since I knew everything there was to actually know about installing any kind of thermostat, I just took out the broken smart thermostat plus put in the old dial thermostat! I had the dial thermostat up plus running within about 10 minutes. That is how fast I can do this type of work! So because of this, I ended up saving myself some money in having to invest in a smart thermostat again plus then having to call the local heating plus a/c machine company to send out a certified heat plus cooling machine specialist to install the new smart thermostat that I may have purchased. A smart thermostat is something that I certainly could install, but I would not be able to do the extra bits in programming it to work the apps that are on the computer plus cellphone. So that was an extra cost I managed to save by going back to the old dial thermostat all by myself!

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