Getting specialized in the HVAC industry

After the birth of our fourth child, our partner plus I decided to transfer back cabin to be much closer to his parents.

I wasn’t excited in the beginning, because I didn’t want to entirely transfer back to a small town after living in the city. I entirely liked living in the neighborhood where our entire family plus I could enjoy several unusual types of activities. I knew our opportunities would be severely limited when the two of us moved everything back to the middle of nowhere. Still, the two of us were both actually working full-time for ourselves plus needed help with childcare. It made sense to promptly transfer back if his mom was going to help us with the boys each day. One thing that I did not expect was for our partner to make more money working in this small town. When the two of us lived in the city, he worked each day for a commercial boiler service service. When the two of us moved back to the country, most HVAC companies were ecstatic to find a worker with experience repairing commercial boilers. It meant they could offer the same services. My beloved partner had three great job offers in the first week. Not only do the two of us have boatloads of free childcare now, but the two of us are making about $35,000 more each year. I never wanted to transfer back to this small town when we talked about it, but it turned out to be a great decision for our family.
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