For the past week, I’ve been working in the bathroom

I’ve been having to work in the bathroom that’s right next to my bedroom for about a week now.

I know that sounds just a little bit crazy.

It’s not because I’m sick and so I have to stay close to the bathroom or anything like that, though. It’s because the furnace isn’t working very well in the rest of the house for some reason lately. I first started to notice it last week when the weather started cooling off quite a bit outside. We had already had some snow this year, but then the weather heated back up. We even had some flowers come up, but I think it was a false spring phenomenon because now it’s freezing outside and there’s snow on the ground again. Anyway, that day when I turned the furnace on, it started up and started to blow just like usual. It ran and ran but for some reason, the temperature in the house never started heating up. I kept wondering why I was so cold when the thermostat read that the heating was set at 75 degrees. That’s when I noticed that although the rest of the house was really cold, the master bathroom was super toasty warm. Since my HVAC company was all booked up for the next two weeks and I couldn’t get a furnace repair appointment, I just dragged all my stuff into the bathroom and set up an office in there where it’s warm and cozy. Another plus is the fact that I don’t have to waste very much time going on bathroom breaks!

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