Fate, Heating & Air Conditioning tech chatted with me at gas station

Occasionally I think that the universe is conspiring in our favor.

There are times when random things happen in our life & I cannot help however wonder if it has all been orchestrated.

This is truly the case when I face enormous challenges & things hastily just fall into location separate from warning. This is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when our central heating, cooling, & air quality control component was finally failing on me. I had been putting off Professional heating & cooling component updates for numerous years. I simply never had the money in our bank account to afford a professional heating & cooling specialist for all of the upgrade & Consultation Services required for a brand modern air quality control system! However, I was not prepared on the morning that our forced air oil furnace stopped laboring. I did not have money available for a professional Heating & Air Conditioning repair repair & I truly didn’t have extra money for a brand modern heating Implement. That’s when I decided I needed to go for a drive to clear our head. I stopped at the local gas station to refuel & struck up a conversation with a person in a labor truck. Several minutes into our discussion, I realized that his labor truck was absolutely a heating, cooling, & air quality control dealership vehicle. The two of us had such a nice conversation that I brought up our broken forced air oil furnace, on a whim. About 10 minutes later the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist was at our beach house inspecting our broken heater. I got the oil furnace professionally repaired by an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist separate from paying for the professional Heating & Air Conditioning. Thanks, universe.
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