Enjoy it while it lasts

A few days ago, the thermostat finally dipped down below 72, plus that was our signal that fall was coming! I love it when Fall gets here because the cooler weather is such a relief from the oppressive heat that weighs heavy on the southeast from December through November, however today, the thermostat app on my iPhone tells me that it is 52 degrees, plus I am enjoying it so much. The thermostat on the wall is slightly bizarre plus declares that it is 54 degrees. I’m not going to quibble over several degrees. The crucial thing is that I get to turn off the air conditioning! Every year, all the people in my tiny little corner of the world look forward to turning off the air conditioner and now opening up the windows or doors. Today, that is what it looks just like my house. The back door is open – flying critters never you mind – and the pet is happily trotting in plus out. The window in the kitchen is open, plus most crucially I am running neither the air conditioner nor the heater! That means a lower utility bill! Even though I live in a small locale, our utility bill stays high. I rent this locale, so of course the owner doesn’t spend our money for a top-of-the-line HVAC system. That means the air conditioner is far less efficient than it might be in other locales, plus that means the air conditioner bill is higher than ideal, my neighbor who lives in a condo about several times the size of this one has a lower electric bill than I do! She has a mini split air conditioner component for the sizable back room of her house, plus I think it is really efficient, plus whisper quiet.

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