Engaging with HVAC customers through online marketing

When I was a kid, there were billboards all over the place.

  • There was always a pitch and some face plastered across a huge sign.

Like bigger is always better. But the signs never held up. They always ended up looking tattered and weather worn. I often wondered if that was what happened to that business. Now, I am the face of my own HVAC business. However, marketing my HVAC company has come a very long way from the days of the billboard. Today, it’s all about getting the right sets of eyes engaged through online and digital marketing. Just having a passive website is not near enough. Sure, having an HVAC business without any online platform would be a horrible business choice. But an HVAC business owner needs to be smart by managing and using the digital and online presence. That’s why I count on search engine marketing as the center of my digital and online marketing efforts. This strategy is one that I trust to handled by the online marketing firm that I use. They are able to market my website using SEO, link building and even with PPC to target the most important potential customers. I made the commitment to online and digital marketing about a year ago. It is a commitment that I know has proven results. Through my retooled website and the online marketing tactics, I am seeing far more connections with customers. And really, that is what is necessary. Marketing has to be more than a strategically placed sign these days.

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