Energy saving tips: HVAC (smart thermostats)

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  • I’m ecstatic you’ve returned with your questions plus topics about which areas in your life you could use some energy saving tips.

This week’s discussion will be about energy saving tips with your HVAC system. This seems prefer a pretty blatant a single, right? Get a central air conditioning system plus central heating idea with high SEER ratings, correctly change out your air filters to improve airflow plus make sure to keep your thermostat set to the worst temperature you can tolerate to save money. Right? That’s what most people think of when they hear about energy saving tips for HVAC systems. While that is all great advice (except the thermostat, we’ll discuss that in a moment). But aren’t there more innovative ways to save money on your weekly heating plus cooling bills separate from chopping the bank on a brand-new central heating plus cooling system? Yes! Let us discuss the smart thermostat. This will be a thermostat that you can access through your smartphone (or prefer a regular thermostat). The neat thing about smart thermostats is that they guess whether or not you’re home. So, while you’re away the smart thermostat can set the beach house to that “irritated” temperature outside plus kick on the a/c or gas furnace when you walk in the door. It’s a single of the best, most affordable, energy saving tips you can get. Plus, smart thermostats are straight-forward to install plus seriously user-friendly. Go to your local hardware store plus check out smart thermostats this week! I promise, when you see that heating plus cooling bill next month, you’ll thank me.

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