Energy saving measures to reduce furnace and cooling costs

I prefer the many benefits of four distinct seasons, but in the part where I live, I can go skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling in the winter.

I can system on a white Christmas every year.

In the fall, I look forward to the spectacular colors of the increasing leaves and an array of delicious fruits and vegetables, including peachs and cucumber, and the Springtime season brings lots of early flowers, such as daffodils and hyacinths, and our sizzling summers are great for swimming, biking and suntanning, however, our weather extremes create a long and heavy workload for the heating and cooling system. There’s rarely an option to open the windows and take luck of fresh air. It’s necessary to keep the apartment sealed up tight to minimize the cost of temperature control. I’ve figured out that heating and cooling accounts for about half of my annual energy expenses. I have gone to great lengths to prevent energy waste! Over the years, I’ve gradually updated every window in the house. I’ve installed thermal pane Energy Star rated windows and carefully caulked around them. I’ve added weatherstripping to exterior doors and improved the level of insulation in walls and ceilings. I took the time to conscientiously insulate around electrical outlets, plumbing pipes and in the attic. I make sure to constantly change the air filters in the oil furnace and A/C and invest in preventative repair, but every fall, a licensed Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor troubleshoots, cleans and tunes the oil furnace. He comes back in the Springtime to complete repair for the A/C. Because of my efforts, I save money and prefer superior comfort.


Heating maintenance

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