Don’t skimp on seasonal HVAC maintenance

Well, a few minutes online looking at HVAC stats cured me of that

There are times when I feel like I am being subjected to one sales call after another. I have simply quit answering the phone unless it’s someone that I know and want to talk to. Remember the days when we just answered the phone every time it rang? Wow. Not anymore and the telemarketers ruined that quite well didn’t they. I think that type of sales approach really turned me against any sort of sales. I tend to completely shut down when anyone attempts to upsell me or push some sort of added value. That’s too bad and I need to check myself a bit because I almost missed a great opportunity. The HVAC office called the other day. I let it go to voice mail but, they just wanted to confirm a planned maintenance appointment. When I called back to confirm, the lady at the office asked me if I would like to join the automatic maintenance program. Immediately, I zoned right on out and said no. But then I got to thinking that maybe I should have heard her out prior to saying the automatic no. So, I went online to their website and took a look. My wife have always been a bit on the fence if all the maintenance we paid for on the HVAC was really worth it. Well, a few minutes online looking at HVAC stats cured me of that. I was shocked to find that 85 percent of all service calls are a result of something breaking down that would have been addressed during regular service. I called the HVAC lady back and joined right up.

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