Comparing animals to humans

If you were to compare humans to the animals that live in nature, we have life pretty easy. While they are out hunting and foraging food for survival, or finding shelter in trees, caves, or underground, we live pretty comfortably. Too hot outside? Simply turn on the air conditioning. Too cold? Get the furnace running, or sit in front of the cozy fireplace and let the heat warm you up. Hungry? Head down to the grocery store. Much of what we as humans have, has been inspired by nature. Take airplanes, as an example. We learned to fly from the birds. And that wonderful HVAC in our houses? Well part of that was inspired by the bees. In nature, bees regulate the temperature of the hive, which in turn allows all the bees to live comfortably inside the hive. Bees keep the hive cool when it is hot outside by fanning their wings to release hot air, and when it is cold outside all the bees cluster together in one large group to share body heat. Like humans, individual bees may prefer warmer or colder temperatures. So not all the bees will fan their wings at once. This variation for temperature preferences isn’t without purpose. It allows the bees to start fanning their wings, or clustering together for heat sooner or later than others. This in turn keeps the hive at a steady temperature that is comfortable for all the bees. Some people are envious of the bees because while we humans have to worry about our HVAC breaking and if it breaks needing to call out a technician for a repair, whereas the bees can generate their temperature all on their own.

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