Can’t afford AC repair – cold water bottles in bed

When I was younger I remember how frightening life was; I was consistently living from paycheck to paycheck plus barely scraping by.

If anything went wrong, I did not have the backup funds to take care of it.

I was tiptoeing through life, hoping that I would not run into any obstacles..; Which is unrealistic. Of course, there were consistently issues plus I was consistently panicking because I could not take care of them. One of those issues was officially our air quality. I did not live in homes where I had high quality central heating, cooling, or air quality control systems. I was officially suffering from uneven boiling plus cold patches throughout our residences, and low quality indoor air plus high energy bills! The worst thing however, was when our air conditioning device broke down completely. Obviously, I did not have the money to hire a professional heating, cooling, plus air quality control professional at that point. It was a massive centralized air-conditioning device plus I knew that the repair expenses would be considerable, however as such, I tried to come up with alternative ways to cool our indoor air plus our body, unblessedly, I found that ventilation fans did not undoubtedly help with these efforts, and no matter how many box fans were blowing boiling air around the home it did not know any better. That’s when I started utilizing water to keep myself cool at night; Since I didn’t have a/c, I would take bottles of water plus freeze them during the afternoon. At night I would throw the water bottles in our bed plus hope that they would keep me a few degrees cooler without any familiar air conditioning or ventilation. I do not miss being a broke kid.


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