Buying an expensive tea

For Mother’s Day, my son took me to brunch at a fancy boutique restaurant in a very chic area of the city.

The place was absolutely adorable and the food was amazing.

One of the best parts of the meal was the tea. I always order a cup of hot tea after my meal and I typically end up with some type of black tea. This restaurant actually offered a tea menu with a long list of really interesting flavors. There were the typical black teas, green teas, white tees and oolong tea and then a selection of herbal varieties. I was excited to find passion flower tea, red raspberry, rose, lavender, jasmine, ginger and all sorts of options I’d never tried before. I ended up ordering a mango peach which was fantastic. Although it came in a bag, the shape of the tea bag was different than I’d seen before. It was shaped like a pyramid and I could clearly see the loose leaves inside of it. The tea was extremely aromatic and flavorful, and it didn’t require any sugar to sweeten it. I liked it so much that when I got home, I googled the company. I discovered that I could buy a supply of the tea online. However, this tea is quite expensive. I figured out that the cost divided up to equal a dollar per tea bag. I finally decided to treat myself and ordered a small box of the peach mango tea. I found that when the tea arrived, I was reluctant to drink it. I kept saving it, worried that I’d waste it or drink it too quickly.



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