Brother is happy he can handle the HVAC job

I think that everybody in my family suffers from low self confidence. We are all incredibly intelligent and capable human beings, but none of us appraise ourselves that way. In fact, I regularly have to tell my brothers about how intelligent and capable they are because they cannot see it themselves. This is why I had been pushing for my brother to attend heating, cooling, and ventilation repair classes for the many years. He is naturally very mechanically minded and handy around the house. He was already fairly well-versed with indoor air handling devices and air temperature control systems from watching DIY HVAC repair videos and dealing with his own forced air furnace and air conditioning unit. As such, I thought it would be a natural transition to attend heating, cooling, and ventilation repair courses to earn his certification as a licensed indoor air handling control specialist. However, my brother did not feel as though he was capable of passing the HVAC classes or the heating and cooling certification exam. After essentially forcing him into the heating and cooling technical courses, I was usually helping him study for every test and quiz. I am beyond proud to tell you that he was more than capable of all of the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment repairs that he is taught in school. And, I’m even prouder to tell you that he recognizes his own heating and cooling expertise these days. It only took 20 years of working as a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist before he believed it.



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