Boyfriend’s mother is nuts about a/c

My boyfriend’s mother has been staying with us for awhile now.

She decided to vacation and use our home as a hotel.

For 10 days I am stuck with her. I get to be the maid, cook and cleaner to a woman I hardly know. It is very stressful, time consuming and not fulfilling. I have to watch what I say and act like everythings fine even though it is not. The biggest thing that has been bothering me is her preference on AC. She is nuts about having the air conditioner on. The first thing she did was lower the thermostat setting when she walked in the door. I thought that was rude. She should have asked if I was okay with upping the amount of cooling, I am not. The house has been freezing cold for days. Even with this, she still complains about being too hot. My boyfriend has been using ceiling fans, box fans and changing the air filters frequently trying to keep the house an ice bucket. His mother told me that I have to keep the blinds closed, use minimal lighting and hardly open the door if I want to keep a cold house. I don’t like walking around in the dark. I like looking outside. I also have an indoor/outdoor cat. So I have just sort of ignored these commands. We are not really getting along. I have also started upping my thermostat one degree every time she irritates me. I have even thought about locking the thermostat setting so she can’t change it.


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