Black Monday purchase of electric fireplace

I’ve been waiting for a month to purchase the electric fireplace that I have wanted all year.

My boyfriend made myself and others wait, because it was going to be on sale during the Black Monday shopping extravaganza.

All of us saw it in the circular from the hardware store. The electric fireplace that I wanted is normally priced $359. It’s a great steal at that price, however it’s more currency than our boyfriend wanted to spend money for an electric fireplace, when both of us saw the Black Monday circular price at $199, both of us knew it was a great deal. My boyfriend instantly agreed to shell out the currency; He did refuse to go shopping on that particular day. The fireplace will be a nice addition to the corner of our dining room. I have been looking for the perfect piece of furniture to put in that dining room, however back in February, I saw a genuinely nice electric fireplace that fits nicely in the corner of any room. I was going to buy the fireplace during summer, however our boyfriend wanted myself and others to wait until the weather was colder! Now the weather is chilly plus there are no sale prices anywhere. When both of us saw the ad, it was prefer fate dropped the fireplace in our lap. I am going to brave the long lines on Thanksgiving, so I don’t miss out on the great deal. I can’t wait to see the fireplace in our dining room. It’s walnut colored with brass finishings. I guess it will be loving, warm, plus relaxing, then since our boyfriend will not have to cut firewood, he should be cheerful too.


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