Black friday shopping

I really hate going shopping on black friday.

But sometimes I have to if I did not have time to get my holiday shopping done ahead of time. I will not be going shopping this black friday for sure! Last year I did that and it was a major nightmare! The crowds were so ridiculous that the air quality in the stores were really bad from everyone being so crammed together. The temperature got really overheated too. All I was wishing was that there would be air conditioning. But this time of the year no one actually runs air conditioning unless you are in the southwestern part of the United States Of America! So here I was suffering from being overheated along with the bad air quality surrounding me from all the crowds. It was the worst experience I ever had in my whole entire lifetime! This is why this year I already got a handful of my shopping done. I got it done last week for the most part. The holiday sales were going on at some stores, and in some stores they were not. However I did not care. I would rather pay full prices for the gifts than have to deal with all those horrible people and feel overheated! I was overheated last year that when I got home I actually turned my central air conditioning system on for a few minutes! I could not open the windows because it was raining out when I got home that day.

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