Battling when to build

Have you ever felt appreciate you were taking on an immovable force? Or appreciate you are talking to a cement wall? That is particularly the way our committee has felt for the last more than 2 months when the people I was with and I have been addressing the town board… One of the concerns with small town politics is the fact that more than 2 of the people in charge are of the same mind set and it can be taxing to make any fluctuations.

Even though the people I was with and I have done the studies, found the perfect location and even had petitions signed the board is still unwilling to allow a up-to-date store to transfer into town.

They place the fact that the people I was with and I have a small population and they think that there would not be enough business. They don’t want to have a up-to-date building put up only to have it empty a year or more than one later. Business development in areas appreciate this can be taxing at best. I am sure that there are companies all across the country that are dealing with similar battles. If a town wants to add up-to-date corporations or expand an existing one there is normally a more open minded approach, then business development is important to create a viable community. I only wish that these board members could see that. Bringing in a up-to-date corporation and competition for the ones that are here can make for a healthy and thriving community. Even the building that they want to construct can include additional space for small corporation owners to lease and that can make it easier for them to grow as well.


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