10. Handling a broken HVAC unit before the technician arrives

I have always been a handy person.

I spent so much time with my dad, who taught me how to fix little things and handle minor repairs from a young age.

My old man always seemed to have a solution to everything and would only agree to call an expert when all his attempts failed. This was his simple way of saving money for the family. The simple fact of having spent so much time around him in my younger years, the same spirit was ingrained in me. So this one time, my HVAC unit was acting up, refusing to function as it should. Even with dad long gone, the skills he imparted in me still live. I quickly put on my overall and headed to the unit to inspect. I promptly checked the blower filter since winter was coming, and I last checked it just before summer. The dust accumulation was an indication that I needed to change the filters, which I did. Considering that I live in a dusty area, I had to learn to do it just if I failed to reach the HVAC technician. I then cleared the dirt around the outdoor unit, removing all debris that could be causing blockages. Having done this, I was comfortable waiting for the HVAC provider to fix my programmable thermostat and carry out routine annual checks. Nothing gives me more joy than the fact that I can get a few things done to restore my failing cooling unit. The technician commended me for my attempt and shared a few more tips to ensure that my cooling unit works perfectly and serves me longer.
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Benefits of pre-Winter HVAC maintenance

Most people insist that the best time to check their HVAC system would be before winter. After all, such professional maintenance services do not come cheap. If you cannot afford to do it more than once, consider calling a professional a few days before winter. Focus on getting into the season with everything you need. But why do experts insist on this specific time if you intend to do an annual check? A pre-winter review is crucial since it ensures that all heat exchanger issues are detected and fixed in good time before winter finally sets in. Winters are ordinarily cold and harsh, but most people can get through the season because they have the right heating system. The house will be warm because of the type of furnace one installs. However, it must work even better to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. Remember that the furnace service addresses problems that may have come about due to long periods of unuse. Air conditioner service also ensures that the entire house gets clean air. When the furnace stays idle and unused for months, it accumulates unnecessary dust that gets into the house through the system’s ductwork and vents. Hiring an HVAC technician means that such dust and dirt get cleaned. As such, the furnace only releases clean air when it is used again. Additionally, such professional maintenance and service work boost the system’s efficiency and minimize risks of breakdown, which would be very expensive to fix. Note that most warranties work on a conditional basis. You can only make claims if you follow the rules.


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Why everyone should consider regular maintenance for their units

My mom insisted that I call her HVAC expert to check my system since winter was coming.

  • Like all other times, I ignored her because I knew that my system was in top shape.

However, a few weeks into winter, strange noises came from the unit. At first, I thought this was the occasional expected sound. After all, my system was not exactly new. However, as days went by, the noise became louder, and the house seemed to get colder gradually. It was easy to notice the changes because the climate was also slowly changing and becoming colder. I knew it was time to act when I had to wear two sweaters and cover myself with three blankets to get through the night. I couldn’t wait for the next day to call my HVAC expert. I remember talking uncontrollably, explaining how afraid I was since winter was around the corner. The heating expert calmly reassured me that everything would be fine once he got to the house. After booking an appointment, the HVAC technician was at my doorstep. One look at my unit, and he quickly informed me that lack of maintenance was the primary issue. I had ignored the HVAC unit for years. Minor issues had gradually developed into major complex problems that eventually cost so much money in repairs. I had to replace a few parts and pay the technician a lot more than I would have if I had followed my mom’s advice. It turns out that my heater installation was done so well, which is how it could withstand years without proper maintenance.
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What to check for when choosing a furnace for winter

Winters are not the most comfortable seasons to get through.

People need family and friends to help them endure the harsh and cold weather that comes with the season.

While it is true that skiing and playing in the snow can be fun, it is not something that you will do every day. The cold weather can be overwhelming, especially if you live alone. Sometimes the cold is too much that going out to meet with friends is not an option. Some people take advantage and read a book or practice a musical instrument to keep themselves busy. However, all this works if the house is warm and accommodating. Besides sitting next to the fire or taking warm chocolate, heated floors and spaces make life seem safe and normal. It is during such times that one understands the need to have a furnace that works perfectly. Choosing the right type of heating system could reduce the number of furnace repairs one carries out during the appliance’s lifetime. But how do you go about making an appropriate choice? Well, one of the first things you need to consider is the fuel type. Winters can be long and boring, which means keeping the house home can be a costly affair. Always consider the fuel cost and availability when buying a furnace. You may also want to check the price of owning such a heating unit. It must be reasonably affordable for you to use it sustainably. Considering how confusing such variables can be, consult an HVAC expert to understand which choices make sense for your needs.


Hiring a HVAC repair expert in my town

It took about 15 minutes for the HVAC expert to determine what the issue was.

I wondered why my house was too hot for a long time, even when my AC was on. Mark you, summer wasn’t here yet my house felt too hot, especially at night when I was home. I would take a cold shower and wear very light clothes, yet I would still sweat and feel as though someone lit the furnace overnight without my knowledge. This had never happened before, thus leaving me puzzled and disturbed. After a week-long of enduring such discomfort, I knew it was time to call in the experts to have a look. Everything seemed to work perfectly well with my fan, and I could hear no funny sounds, so I assumed all as well. However, the high heat persisted, proving to me that things were not right. I took my phone and dialed the air conditioner repair expert’s number. Once I booked an appointment, he came to my house in under three hours since I had insisted that this was an emergency. I panicked since summer was around the corner, and things seemed to be breaking down. It took about 15 minutes for the HVAC expert to determine what the issue was. The condenser was clogged and blocked, making it impossible to draw hot air from the house. The expert explained that such a case would not stop the fan from running, hindering its efficiency. The man was kind enough to help me understand how to maintain my air conditioner to increase its efficiency. He also advised on carrying out routine checks, especially before summer when the cooling system will be overused.


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This was the best answer

I really have been struggling as of lately with my electric bills.

The reason for it was because my central heating and air conditioning system seemed to be running all of the time.

Because of the extreme weather we have been having this year so far, I really had no other choice but to have to run the central heating and air conditioning system almost twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. It could be either the heating or the air conditioning. But whichever, it was always running. I then found out an answer to help reduce the use of my central heating and air conditioning system unit. This was to buy a few portable space heaters and a few portable air conditioning systems. I could take these and run them for part of the day, while maybe later in the evening run the central heating and air conditioning system unit. Because portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems do not take up as much energy, this is a great way to save money and lower those super high electric bills. How did I find out about this? Well it was simple. I was on the internet and I ran across a website talking about all kinds of different energy saving tips. These energy saving tips really helped me when I began reading about how central heating and air conditioning systems are one of the main causes of high electric bills. So next weekend, I am going out to buy both a portable space heater and a portable air conditioning system to test this energy saving tip out!

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The breeze

Spring is right around the corner, and this time of the year right before spring hits where I live, the breeze changes direction and causes some really bad air quality.

This is due to all of the different allergens in the air that happens to be in the area.

For a while I used to suffer through it. But with the help of some really great air quality experts, I was introduced to the solution. That was getting a whole home air purification system for my home. The whole home air purification system goes into my central heating and air conditioning unit and blows out a nice indoor air cleaner out of the air vents. This helps to fight all the bad air quality that may come into the house from the outside during this time of the year. The whole home air purification system was the answer to all of my allergy problems. I am so glad I decided to call an air quality expert who informed me about this great piece of HVAC equipment that can do this. Who knew that you could have a central heating and air conditioning system along with an air purifier at the same time? I sure didn’t. That is why it is always good to keep up with the latest and greatest in HVAC technology. Because of this, I will be doing just that in the future so I am aware of all the great things that come onto the HVAC market moving forward. If anything else comes along that may help me get better indoor comfort.

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Putting radiant heated floors into family house

When my father unexpectedly passed away at the end of last year I think that our entire family was thrown into chaos.

In particular, my brothers and I found ourselves swamped with unknown legal challenges and many practical concerns that required us to make arrangements.

The only bright spot at the end of the tunnel was the fact that we would be inheriting the family lake house several states away. Honestly, we were excited about obtaining the property… But nervous about having to upgrade the house. We realized that the old heating, cooling, and air quality control system no longer functioned as a reliable source of air temperature or air quality control. In fact, trying to use the thermostat itself was a losing battle, because the temperature control device itself was broken. We could not accurately control the indoor air temperature or air quality and therefore the house was unlivable. We had to upgrade the entire air temperature control plan, all the way down to the furnace, air conditioning unit, air duct work, and thermostat if anybody wanted to reside in the household. We started consulting with a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation technician to determine the least invasive way to upgrade our heating and cooling system. However, we also started considering less traditional heating and cooling options as long as we were making these major investments. One of the things that I pushed for was radiant heated flooring. Instead of paying for an efficient forced air furnaces that unequally heated the indoor air, radiant heated flooring seemed preferable. Now, we are a few weeks away from completing our HVAC renovation project and finally having something to look forward to in all of this mess.



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Old family photos need better air quality control

Several months ago my brothers and I suddenly found ourselves responsible for taking care of a house full of family heirlooms.

  • We had no idea that this monumental task was suddenly going to be pushed onto our plates, and quickly had to scramble to figure out what to do with all of the prized belongings.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we have anything valuable to take care of or sell. Instead, we have a whole collection of random sentimental items. Some of the most sensitive belongings that we found are contained in flimsy cardboard boxes, which makes the issue even more convoluted. Yep, I’m talking about stacks of family photos. We recognize that we need to upgrade a few heating, cooling, and air quality control systems before we can possibly relocate the delicate photos after consulting with a local antique shop. It turns out, you can’t keep antique photos in modern heating, cooling, and air quality control systems without permanently damaging the pictures. Because the photos are printed on sensitive paper, you have to carefully manage your indoor air quality and air temperature if you do not want to cause irreparable damage. Of course, none of us have a high quality heating, cooling, and ventilation system at home. We are all operating basic forced air furnaces and air conditioning units that are supposed to manage the indoor air temperature and air quality for an entire household. As such, there is a lot of temperature fluctuation and air quality changes. Until one of us can afford a professional heating and cooling upgrade, we cannot remove the prized family heirlooms to resolve this necessary chore.

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Brother is happy he can handle the HVAC job

I think that everybody in my family suffers from low self confidence. We are all incredibly intelligent and capable human beings, but none of us appraise ourselves that way. In fact, I regularly have to tell my brothers about how intelligent and capable they are because they cannot see it themselves. This is why I had been pushing for my brother to attend heating, cooling, and ventilation repair classes for the many years. He is naturally very mechanically minded and handy around the house. He was already fairly well-versed with indoor air handling devices and air temperature control systems from watching DIY HVAC repair videos and dealing with his own forced air furnace and air conditioning unit. As such, I thought it would be a natural transition to attend heating, cooling, and ventilation repair courses to earn his certification as a licensed indoor air handling control specialist. However, my brother did not feel as though he was capable of passing the HVAC classes or the heating and cooling certification exam. After essentially forcing him into the heating and cooling technical courses, I was usually helping him study for every test and quiz. I am beyond proud to tell you that he was more than capable of all of the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment repairs that he is taught in school. And, I’m even prouder to tell you that he recognizes his own heating and cooling expertise these days. It only took 20 years of working as a professional heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist before he believed it.



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