I took action after hurting myself on the front porch

To my delight, the commercial fence corporation did a phenomenal job and put railing around my entire front and back porches

I hate it when morninglight savings happens and it suddenly gets actually dark out in the morning when I wake up to go to work. It’s disorienting and it makes it harder for my brain to wake up with the lack of sunlight. The melatonin in your brain is active when it’s dark out; the sun at morning break is important for your cognitive stamina. One morning I was coming out of the front door too abruptly and tripped coming down the stairs at the end of the porch. I twisted my ankle and broke the skin on my arm. It was a horrifying experience, especially since I almost hurt myself worse than I did. When I was at the dentist getting my brace, he asked myself and others if there was a railing on my porch, especially adjacent to the staircase. I was embarrassed to admit that’s why I felt and injured myself, although he simply urged myself and others to get a commercial fencing corporation to make it safe for me. He was uneasy that I would inadvertently injure myself again if I wasn’t careful enough coming in and out of my house. I took his advice seriously and instantaneously called a few fencing upgrade companies to see how much the project would cost. If I hadn’t injured myself, I would have made the porch railing myself, however I had no choice however to hire the help. To my delight, the commercial fence corporation did a phenomenal job and put railing around my entire front and back porches. They did a better job than I could ever do on my own with my intermediate level craftsmanship skills. Now I don’t have to worry about losing my balance coming down my porch steps whenever I leave my beach condo and return.

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Swimming helps with back pain

I have dealt with inflammation for most of my life.

The inflammation causes back pain that is incredibly debilitating. I have tried all sorts of remedies to alleviate the pain, but nothing has worked. I have taken prescription painkillers, but the side effects are problematic for my stomach and I worry about addiction and long-term health damage. I have tried holistic approaches, such as acupuncture, and had some short term benefits. By the time I arrive home from the appointment, I start to feel the pain in my back return. Recently, a friend of mine suggested I try swimming. The local gym includes an indoor swimming pool. Although I maintain a gym membership, I’ve been very restricted in what I can do. I can’t lift weights because it bothers my back. The impact of running is also too much. I’ve limited myself to riding stationary bikes and using the elliptical. I don’t know why I never considered the benefits of swimming. I started using the pool three to four times a week and noticed a huge improvement. Not only was I getting a much better workout, burning calories and utilizing more muscles, but I had less pain in my back. I increased my range of motion as well. I then noticed that there are aqua aerobics classes offered on Saturday mornings. I signed up and just love it. Those fitness classes are the highlight of my week. We do all kinds of exercises in the pool. We mainly use the shallow end and go through jumps, lunges, high-knee sprints and kicks. It’s a great workout. It’s challenging yet avoids impact. The water offers natural resistance.

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Fitness training for mental health

I have dealt with anxiety plus depression for the majority of my life.

I meet with a therapist every week.

I usually feel better after the session, but my symptoms often come back between visits. I have met with a psychiatrist as well. I’ve tried all sorts of prescription medications, but the side effects tended to be worse than the depression symptoms. My therapist recently directed me to a blog about weightlifting and physical fitness. It was truly motivational. I decided to sign up for a gym membership. I took it a step further and hired a personal trainer. The first few training sessions were really challenging. I felt weak and tired. I couldn’t manage more than a few repetitions of the smallest amount of weight. I had no energy. Within a couple weeks, I started to notice improvement. I performed a few deadlifts and bicep curls and saw muscles I didn’t know I had. I suddenly felt inspired and motivated by my progress. I was feeling high from endorphins after running and jumping rope. The normal signs of depression and anxiety were missing. I started looking forward to heading to the gym. I started trying to push myself further and beat personal bests. My therapist saw the changes in me, not only physically, but mentally as well. I now have confidence. Physical fitness has done wonders for my mental health and overall quality of life. I have now begun nutritional counseling sessions. This has taken my fitness to a whole new level.


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Learning to appreciate yoga

I have belonged to a gym for just about my whole life.

Prior to the pandemic, I would spend at least an hour, five times a week at the gym, mostly weightlifting. I considered myself to be healthy and fit. I battle a little extra fat around my belly area, but that is normal for a man of my age. Once the lockdown took effect, all of the gyms closed. I noticed the muscle I had built was gradually turning into fat. I have a basic weight training setup in my garage. I wasn’t getting the greatest workouts. My home gym can’t compare with the full range of weights and machines I was accustomed to. I was thinking about spending a great deal of money on a full selection of workout equipment, when I decided to give yoga a try. Yoga is a proven workout. The yoga studio near me was also closed. Fortunately, the internet makes remote access possible. I was able to take advantage of yoga classes over zoom. The first class was a little awkward. I realized that I lacked flexibility, balance and range of motion. Even my strength was tested. I had always been conscientious about stretches before and after weight lifting sessions. My stretches were never as intense as what I was exposed to in the yoga class. Throughout the lockdown, I took yoga classes online by way of zoom every morning. I saw real improvement and have never felt better. I lost some of the muscle mass that I had built over years of lifting but prefer the more streamlined version of my body. I am not toned and more all over fit. I actually feel stronger as well as quicker.


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Music is essential to workout

I love having different playlists on my phone..

I use Spotify.

I pay for a subscription to avoid the ads. There are a long list of other music platforms out there, but I’ve been very happy with Spotify. I have an app on my iPhone that provides access to just about every song ever recorded. I have set up a number of customized playlists for specific activities. I have dozens of them! The songs are geared toward things like cleaning the house, baking, reading, napping or working. I have special playlists for parties and driving in the car. I even have one that is just for when I can’t sleep. It’s very soothing and mainly piano. My Spotify really comes in handy for exercising. That’s when music really makes the difference. I’ve gotten where I don’t like to wear headphones when I work out. They don’t stay in place and my ears sweat. The cord drives me insane and the cordless ones cut out. I’ve purchased a very small Bose bluetooth speaker that connects wirelessly to my phone. It has great sound quality and is lightweight. I don’t mind carrying the phone in one hand and the speaker in the other when I go for a run. When I ride my bike, I have a holster for the phone and I strap the speaker to the handlebars. I most often workout on my back deck. I set up my little speaker and blast my favorite music nice and loud. I have specific playlists for jumping rope and another for weight training. The music makes the workout way more enjoyable.




Unhappy with influx of gym members in January

The only good news is that they never last long

I am annoyed by the people who join the gym in January. They have all made some silly New Year’s resolution that they are unlikely to achieve. They are on a quest to magically turn their lives around, lose a bunch of weight and become a new person. They don’t want to work at it. They have no clue how much time, dedication and struggle it takes to maintain a fit, thin and healthy body. They show up at the gym in all brand new clothing. Sometimes their outfits, hairstyles and footwear are completely inappropriate for a workout. However, they don’t plan on getting sweaty. I know they’ve taken advantage of a super cheap deal for gym membership. Because of them, the equipment isn’t available to the rest of us. I might need to wait to access a treadmill or stationary bike. Meanwhile, they are walking slowly on the treadmill and talking on their phone. I use the treadmill to train. I sprint and get out of breath. I elevate my heart rate. I’m not there to be seen or brag to my friends. These people tend to have no clue what they are doing. They use the equipment incorrectly. They have bad form lifting weights. Very often, they fail to wipe down the equipment after using it. I get really annoyed when they fill up the group fitness classes. The only good news is that they never last long. By the end of February, the gym is back to just us regulars again.



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Creating a home gym

The lock down during the COVID quarantine actually worked to improve my health.

My job is very sedentary.

I used to believe I was sufficiently active outside of work. When I look back, I realize that I wasn’t fit or healthy. I ate most of my meal out and wasn’t always careful about what I ordered. I tended to eat a lot of steak and potatoes. I drank quite a bit of coffee and beer. My active lifestyle was little more than going for a short run now and then. My physical condition was definitely headed downhill. The COVID scare forced me to stay at home. I quickly got bored and looked for something to focus on. I started using my free time to improve my health and wellness. I started with a Yoga class through Zoom. I wanted to see what it was like. I thought the stretching might feel good and help to clear my head. That turned into a weekly yoga class and led me to purchase some equipment. I had plenty of free time and space to work with. I decided to turn a spare room into a home gym. I didn’t have a lot of equipment to work with at first. I realized that gear is expensive. Until I’d proven this was something I’d stick with, I started small. I bought a yoga mat, free weights and a jump rope. I also made the effort to restock my refrigerator and cupboards with healthy foods. I started buying more fresh fruits and vegetables. I experimented with tofu and quinoa. I signed up for tai chi, pilates and boot camp on Zoom. I eventually added a stationary bike. Now my home gym is the perfect workout space.


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I felt that keyless entry would be a good idea.

My condo had several people living there before I bought the unit.

  • I didn’t realize it had been a rental and the key code had never been changed.

I had given a copy of my key and the key code for the lockbox to several friends and family members. I then found out that my sister had given it to her boyfriend when she was babysitting for me. My brother also gave a copy of the key and keycode to his girlfriend. I suddenly started adding people up, and realized that I had ten different keys floating out there, and that didn’t include mine. I decided to have a keyless entry system installed in my home. I was able to change the code whenever I felt it necessary. I really felt that keyless entry would be a good idea for my house. Then I found that I was changing the code every week, and soon it was every day. I couldn’t remember who all I had given the code to during the day. The man who took care of the HOA had to have the entry code, and I had to change his access every time I found out he had to come into my condo. He did all the maintenance and he complained that he always had to call me for entrance when I needed work done. He couldn’t even get into my storage area for the lawn mower, if he was planning on cutting the grass. I got rid of the keyless entry system, but I had a video service installed so I knew who was coming and going.


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Getting meal delivery is super convenient

I work very long hours.

My job is stressful and demanding.

I am very focused on my career and determined to advance. I often stay late at the office and sometimes work on weekends. I don’t mind, because I love my job. I would much rather focus on succeeding in my profession than spending time grocery shopping and cooking. Because of this, my shelves and refrigerator are usually empty. When I finally make it home from the office, I’m exhausted. I want a healthy and delicious meal, but I don’t feel like making it. I have discovered that a meal delivery service is the perfect solution. It’s not like ordering from a restaurant. I go online and have a wide selection of meal choices. They are like home cooking, well-balanced and cover every type of preference. I order everything I need for the whole week. I can choose an omelette for dinner. I can add soups and salads and desserts. Everything arrives in neat and organized packages. All I need to do is pop the meal in the oven. The house smells wonderful and within half an hour, I have a tasty dinner. There’s no pot and pans to wash. The meal delivery service is much healthier than ordering take-out. I’m able to be more careful about how many calories I’m taking in. I feel good about what I’m eating with none of the hassle and preparation. I usually get dinner for all seven days of the week and add in breakfast and lunch for the weekends. When compared to how much I’d spend at the grocery store, it’s quite reasonably priced.

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Local meal delivery saves me from going out in the rain

I was worried when I heard thunder.

I was at work when the storm first started.

In my local area, thunder is a warning for tons of rain, lightning and high winds on the way. When I am forced to drive through pouring rain and terrible storms, it’s very stressful. I struggle to see where I am going, and it is unsafe to drive. I am afraid of getting in an accident. Even if I am driving slow and being careful, it doesn’t mean everyone else is as well. Today was another stormy day, and the traffic was dreadful. Everyone was moving at around 10 miles per hour, and I struggled to find my exit. After nearly an hour in bumper to bumper traffic, I finally made it home. I had a terrible headache from the stress and sat on my couch to rest. I realized I still needed to figure out dinner. There was no way I was heading out in that mess again. Since my cupboards and refrigerator were just about empty, I decided to look into local food delivery. I researched online and found all sorts of choices. I could pick from Chinese, Mexican, Italian and all kinds of different types of food. Since I was in the mood for spaghetti, I decided to order from an Italian place. They promised delivery service within the hour. I called them up, placed my order and they told me the driver would arrive with my meal within 40 minutes. Because of the rain, it took closer to an hour for my dinner to arrive. I understood and was just happy that a hot meal was delivered right to my doorstep.

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