Always ask about AC before you move in.

I don’t want to move in with anyone and I especially don’t want to move back home with my parents.

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control and you swallow your pride. Swallowing my pride doesn’t mean that I also have to sacrifice my comfort. At least, I didn’t think it should. I didn’t plan on being homeless. I was kicked out of my apartment when the building owner decided to turn the apartments into condos. I could not afford to pay what he was asking for rent. My brother told me I could stay with him until I found a place of my own. I appreciated the offer, but I knew he had horrible air quality in his apartment. I was used to having perfect heating, air conditioning and air quality. That was the nicest part about my apartment. They had a new HVAC system and an air purification system. The apartment was perfect. I didn’t tell my brother that his house smelled like cats. I simply told him that I already had someplace to stay. My girlfriend asked me to move in with her, but she also has cats. Whenever the air conditioning or heating turns on, cat hair flies from the air vents. I didn’t want her to think we were too serious, either. I know I’ll find someone to take me in for a while, but I plan on being picky about who I live with. They need to have a good HvAC system if they want my company. If that makes me picky, then just call me picky.

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