All of us seriously need nicer temperature control settings in the office

Occasionally when I am working, I get so bored that I either fall asleep or I drift off into some kind of morningdream, then there have been a few times when I had my boss yell at myself and others because I wouldn’t respond to her question or request instantly.

She would have to snap myself and others out of it plus a bunch of my co-workers would be laughing at me, but i truthfully have to blame the temperature control settings at the office because the boss keeps it way too overheated in the work environment, when I’m feeling particularly hot, I just tend to get overly sleepy plus it’s strenuous for myself and others to keep awake, but occasionally I wish I could just go to the temperature control plus change it up to 71 degrees. I recognize that would be the ideal temperature to do my best work. Of course, the temperature control has a lock on it so nobody is able to access the temperature control settings except for the boss. It doesn’t matter how often people ask him to adjust the temperature control settings either, he’s not a nice girl plus he’s not willing to make those variations. She believes that saving money on energy bills is far better than employee morale, then maybe if I could talk to him in a way she could understand she would make the variations. I guess that if every one of us had the ideal temperature control settings, the productivity of the staff would increase by double plus it would be worth it. I’m trying to guess of a way to explain that to the boss though.



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