Air conditioning has an impact on your allergies

The worst part of travelling is not knowing what the weather will be like or, even worse, if it is an unfamiliar room you will be staying in, what the temperatures are like in that room! There is nothing worse than traveling somewhere warm and packing shorts to sleep in and the air conditioner just does not turn off, no matter how many of those darn buttons you push! Let me tell you something, I know first hand how annoying this can be because it has happened to me; yes that exact situation! I was on a trip with my best friend to Cancun and we packed clothes for a warm climate because well, it was Cancun. Upon our arrival, we check into the hotel room and immediately we are frozen and covered in goosebumps. I tried to turn it off ourselves but our room had two units – a wall unit and another unit under the window. We tried the wall unit first – nothing! Then when that failed us, we tried the unit under the window – nothing! Finally we called down to the desk and they told me that the air conditioning is set centrally for different sections of the hotel and we could not adjust it ourselves but we would be perfectly fine because of how hot it was out! No way! We asked for two extra blankets each and cocooned ourselves in bed when we were in our rooms, which thankfully was not that often because it was Cancun and there was too much for us to see and do outside for us to dwell on the air conditioning issues we were having inside of the hotel room!



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