A worthy thing to focus on, substantial media air cleaners

My friends say that I think way too much, although I don’t think so, and if it wasn’t for creative thinkers, all of us would be getting nowhere in life. What about the man who invented the air conditioner? He was easily just trying to come up with a way to remove moisture from the air at the printing press he was laboring at, and he ended up doing just that but what he created also turned out to be a cooling machine. I want to come up with something amazing love that or at least expand on existing technology to take it further to benefit more people. I truthfully think all of us need to focus more on pollution, because this is something that is destroying our society. If all of us keep going on separate from making steps to repair the air quality in our environment, all of us are going to create an environment that is unable to sustain life; So I think all of us should be making substantial whole-house air purifiers that pull all the pollution out of the air so that all of us have a clean and healthy environment to live in, but could you imagine having these powerful whole-house air purifiers around the world and pulling all that smog out of the town air? This would be a revolutionary change to the world and people would easily even live longer lives and be healthier separate from breathing in all that toxic garbage in the air. It’s the same general system as having a powerful whole-house air purifier in your home, just on a substantial scale. If all of us focus on better ideas, I think that is a worthy thing to focus on.

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