A late night snack

In the Summer weeks I always prefer to have our dinner very late at evening.

I think this possibly sounds very odd, but it’s because of the temperatures here where I live.

The way our central air conditioner plan works is pretty crazy, when it’s entirely tepid out, the air conditioner doesn’t work to the full power. This makes it pretty taxing to be able to do much but kneel around half naked plus wait for the sun to go down. The air conditioner around 11pm or so ends up finally working to the fullest power at that point. I have tried having our dinner at a normal time while all of us were in these tepid Summer weeks in the past, however what happens is that it is so tepid in our place I simply can not relax enough to be able to eat! I had thought about maybe getting a portable air conditioner plan to place in the area where I kneel down to have our dinner, however but with having a portable air conditioner plan running at the same time as our central a/c, it may turn out to where I end up raising our electric bills; Portable a/cs are supposed to save on energy use. Not the other way around! I hope to genuinely be able to afford to call a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist sometime soon to see if maybe they could help come up with a solution. This would be a solution to the air conditioner not working right in drastic heat while all of us were in the sun minutes.



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