A/C makes loud noise and stopes working

When the cooling system made this really loud noise it scared me pretty bad. Then I noticed that it had shut off and I tried to turn it back on with the thermostat but it would not work. I went outside to check my actual air conditioning unit and I was shocked to see that it was smoking so I turned off the breaker. Thankfully the smoke stopped and the fire danger passed. Then I checked the air filter to make sure it was not the culprit but it was clean. I had just changed it last week. I started praying that our air conditioning system could be fixed. Then I called an HVAC supplier and they sent a technician out to our house. She checked everything out and told me that there were a few broken parts but that she was certain that she could get our air conditioner working again. A few hours later, the technician had the air conditioner working perfectly. I was very happy when I heard the air conditioning system kick on and then I felt nice cold air. I had been worried that I was going to have to replace the entire air conditioning unit and that this would be rather expensive. I’m glad the technician got everything working again and that the price wasn’t terrible. Now I don’t have to dip into our savings. We also don’t have to live in uncomfortable heat. It’s funny how much you take for granted until you don’t have it anymore. That was definitely true of me and my air conditioner.



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