10. Handling a broken HVAC unit before the technician arrives

I have always been a handy person.

I spent so much time with my dad, who taught me how to fix little things and handle minor repairs from a young age.

My old man always seemed to have a solution to everything and would only agree to call an expert when all his attempts failed. This was his simple way of saving money for the family. The simple fact of having spent so much time around him in my younger years, the same spirit was ingrained in me. So this one time, my HVAC unit was acting up, refusing to function as it should. Even with dad long gone, the skills he imparted in me still live. I quickly put on my overall and headed to the unit to inspect. I promptly checked the blower filter since winter was coming, and I last checked it just before summer. The dust accumulation was an indication that I needed to change the filters, which I did. Considering that I live in a dusty area, I had to learn to do it just if I failed to reach the HVAC technician. I then cleared the dirt around the outdoor unit, removing all debris that could be causing blockages. Having done this, I was comfortable waiting for the HVAC provider to fix my programmable thermostat and carry out routine annual checks. Nothing gives me more joy than the fact that I can get a few things done to restore my failing cooling unit. The technician commended me for my attempt and shared a few more tips to ensure that my cooling unit works perfectly and serves me longer.
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