I like to travel home once per year

Restaurants in my town, during winter, usually have their heat turned on – which would make the most sense, no? So, over the winter break my boyfriend and I traveled back home to visit my family and we had went out to eat at this local restaurant.

We were all bundled up in our winter attire but of course when we got inside, we figured we would be able to take off our three layers and comfortably eat our meal.

Long story short, it was absolutely freezing in there! We didn’t even want to take off our winter hats or drink our iced cold beverages because we were almost to the point of shivering! As we were waiting for our food, the manager came around the corner and mentioned she had just turned up the heat in the room we were in because that room usually gets much colder than the rest of the restaurant. We were eternally thankful for her doing this. Within five or seven minutes the room already started to feel warmer. We got out food and enjoyed most of our meal when all of a sudden, it was like the heat got turned off or something! We were freezing once again so we put our layers back on, while still eating! Finally, we could not even take it any longer; we asked for some boxes and our check, politely, because we only could focus on how cold it was in the restaurant and not how delicious our food was! It was such a shame, I wish restaurants understood that the temperature in the back of the house is not the same as the temperature in the front of the house for their patrons!

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A beautiful part of the country

Thankfully, you do not have to spend a ton of time outside if you do not want to and when you intelligently make that decision, you will be welcomed with a breath of fresh air conditioning to cool you down in an instant.

Living in the southwest is so beautiful but my goodness, is it hot! When I say hot, I mean it is a scorcher every single day. You can walk out your front door and immediately probably get a sunburn if you were not wearing sunscreen. You should always also probably wear a hat or a visor to protect from the elements. Thankfully, you do not have to spend a ton of time outside if you do not want to and when you intelligently make that decision, you will be welcomed with a breath of fresh air conditioning to cool you down in an instant. Whether you are walking to your car or going to the store, air conditioning is essential down in the southwest and we cannot live without it. One time, I was headed to the grocery store and my tire blew out – it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon with not a cloud in the sky – thankfully, I had triple AAA but they could not get to me for another hour! I was sort of new to the area so I unfortunately had no friends or family that I was able to call. Thank goodness it was not something worse where my car would no longer run because I was at least able to sit in the air conditioning while I waited for triple AAA to arrive with a brand new tire. Think about how miserable it would have been to sit there in the dreadful heat for an hour! Air conditioning absolutely saved me and my mood for that matter!



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Air conditioning has an impact on your allergies

The worst part of travelling is not knowing what the weather will be like or, even worse, if it is an unfamiliar room you will be staying in, what the temperatures are like in that room! There is nothing worse than traveling somewhere warm and packing shorts to sleep in and the air conditioner just does not turn off, no matter how many of those darn buttons you push! Let me tell you something, I know first hand how annoying this can be because it has happened to me; yes that exact situation! I was on a trip with my best friend to Cancun and we packed clothes for a warm climate because well, it was Cancun. Upon our arrival, we check into the hotel room and immediately we are frozen and covered in goosebumps. I tried to turn it off ourselves but our room had two units – a wall unit and another unit under the window. We tried the wall unit first – nothing! Then when that failed us, we tried the unit under the window – nothing! Finally we called down to the desk and they told me that the air conditioning is set centrally for different sections of the hotel and we could not adjust it ourselves but we would be perfectly fine because of how hot it was out! No way! We asked for two extra blankets each and cocooned ourselves in bed when we were in our rooms, which thankfully was not that often because it was Cancun and there was too much for us to see and do outside for us to dwell on the air conditioning issues we were having inside of the hotel room!



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Taking a trip back home for the holidays

I was visiting my mother this past Holiday season and when we got in from the airport I had said, “Wow mom, it’s colder than usual in here!” – her house is usually fairly all over the place with temperatures due to it being an old house and not having anything but ceiling fans and oil heating – she said, “Yeah, I think my oil tank is on the fritz, I have to keep manually tripping the on switch for it to produce heat! I need to have an HVAC professional come take a look if I can’t fix it myself.” Several severely cold days passed and finally my mother went down to the basement and had seen how dirty it was around the oil tank and she thought maybe the airway was clogged and this was preventing the oil tank system from working properly – no such luck! She gave it a few good two or three days before giving in to call an HVAC professional to take a look at the oil tank, since it had not been serviced in over four years and was original when she had purchased the house almost ten years ago! So, the lesson learned here was; try a little trick or two before having to call the HVAC professional if you know what you’re doing – my mom is pretty handy so she thought she would have no problem getting the oil tank going again! Also, know when to give in and when you’re in too deep into something that is far too unfamiliar territory!

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Cold weather in my hometown

When I was a young kid, we lived in a cold climate and most houses way up north in this area did not have central air – well, definitely not when I was a child.

We had ceiling fans in the living room and kitchen, a window air conditioning unit in one of the upstairs bedrooms and one standing fan in my bedroom.

I am unsure of the insulation situation from the first floor to second but my goodness during winter when the heat was on it got dreadfully hot upstairs in the bedrooms. I would need to run my fan on high the entire night along with the window air conditioning unit! You are not supposed to keep those in all year long, especially since snow will end up sitting on it and ruin it! I did not care, I could not handle it. I begged my mother to leave the window air conditioning unit in all year and she reluctantly did. The weirdest part of all of it was that the downstairs area would be still “chilly” compared to the upstairs so when I tell you the heat rose, it really rose. It made it so difficult to find a comfortable temperature for us for the entire house. I suppose that is one of the biggest downfalls of an older home – you never know how it was insulated and it does not have a central system for heat and air like the homes down south do. Thankfully, my mom was very okay with leaving the window air conditioning unit in during winter; even though it probably wasted so much of her money!

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HVAC throughout the four seasons

The USA experiences four distinct seasons per year.

The seasons naturally flow into each other and the transitions are clear at every point. The seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall, all have different characteristics. For example, summer and winter are at the extreme ends of the scale, with the former being the hottest season and the latter the coldest season. Spring comes just after winter, when the snow and ice thaw, and the plants begin to sprout back to life. Even the trees that shed their leaves gain new green coats. On the other hand, fall is almost like a preparation for winter. As its name suggests, fall occurs when the tree leaves fall, and flowers begin to wilt as the temperatures begin to drop steadily. Therefore, all four seasons have different temperatures, which mean adjusting the heating system accordingly. For me, the HVAC temperatures are highest during winter to create a warm haven inside my house, especially during snowstorms. I then set it at the lowest during summer so that it is cool enough to carry out my chores and errands without being exhausted from all the heat. Spring and fall seasons require constant HVAC system adjustments because their temperatures fluctuate throughout the seasons. One day can be cold and gloomy, with a bit of rain, while others can be very hot, with subtle hints of summer. One day can even have both hot and cold sessions. So, if you are indoors all day, you might find yourself regularly raising and dropping the thermostat temperatures. I find it very convenient that my heating and cooling system matches the temperature I prefer in my house.



Reasons why I love winter

Most people cringe and look away when you mention winter because they do not like the cold temperature. That is understandable since there is nothing great about frozen hands and feet. However, I always say that the cold is better than excessive heat because you can still create as much heat as you need, as opposed to lowering the temperatures. During the winters, outdoor activities such as ice skating, skiing, and the less formal ones like building snowmen and rolling down a snow covered hill are quite lovely. For me, winter is a time of great fun despite the cold and grey skies. Even when it gets very cold, you can keep yourself warm indoors with a cup of hot beverage. Furthermore, with an HVAC system, you can have the whole house feeling like a warm summer or spring day and go on with life as usual. The heating from an air conditioning system is not only comforting but also healthy. It makes the cold days bearable and the nights comfortable enough to catch some rest without the shivers. Indoor heating also allows your children and pets to be safe and warm even when the weather outside gets harsh. I like having indoor heating, particularly when I am having a lazy day. During such times, I set the temperatures to my preferred levels, find a blanket, and get into a movie marathon until late into the night. Unlike many people, I always look forward to the winter, as long as I know my heating system is working great.
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Why you should get your HVAC system serviced before the temperatures fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.

  • Although spring signifies new life, there is something about the tree leaves changing color.

The lowering temperatures also make it easier to be outside without the consequences of instant fatigue and dehydration. You can go out and have a run, walk to the park, or sit on a bench and enjoy the beauty of the day. The light rains also make it very pleasant, especially for the likes of us who enjoy the after-smell. Furthermore, it is a conventional agreement that the fall’s wardrobe is simply the best. As you transition from fall to winter, the temperatures reduce drastically. Without a working heating system, you stand the chance of suffering hypothermal complications. To avoid any adverse events, set a servicing appointment for your heating system with your HVAC technician. For starters, it is always great to do things before the last minute. Secondly, during winter, most HVAC technicians are fully booked, and getting one to service your heating and cooling equipment can be very difficult. Due to the high demand for heating systems during the winter, the prices are bound to skyrocket. Fall is practically nature’s way to prepare you for a colder season. Therefore, you should always use this chance to ensure your HVAC system functions efficiently. Constant HVAC system servicing also reduces the chances of any permanent damage and even increases your air conditioner’s lifespan. For the best HVAC system performance, you can make it an annual routine to have your HVAC equipment serviced every fall.
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Why heated floors are a must-have for me.

When I dearly want something that is not possible to get instantly, I start with a saving plan.

I first write down the amount of time I have before I cannot wait any longer, and then the amount of money I need for the project. Next, I divide the cost by the amount of time I have. In case the budget is much more than I can afford, I increase the amount of waiting time. Difficult as that can be, with discipline and focus, I am able to come up with the money and therefore achieve my desired project. Currently, I am saving for heated floors. I live in an area that can get quite chilly, especially during winter. I have bad blood circulation to my feet, and I constantly need extra heating to counter the frozen toes. However, sometimes socks alone do not provide enough warmth; therefore, heated floors would make all the difference. Heated floors would also be a great heating system for the rest of my house through radiation. During the summer, when I do not need the heated floors so much, I can easily switch to my HVAC system for efficient air conditioning. They are also straightforward to install, and my heating and cooling systems’ technician can do that for me. As a bonus, heated floors have fewer maintenance costs as opposed to normal HVAC systems. Therefore, I will cut down on costs and use the extra money for other needs. Finally, heated floors offer uniform heating throughout the house, so I will not have to adjust the settings constantly.

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The wonders of a smart thermostat

Lastly, buying and installing a smart thermostat for my home would greatly help save energy

Technology has made everything easier, from smartwatches to self-driving cars. Almost everything works at the push of a button. In fact, some devices and systems respond to voice commands. The best part about technology advancement is connectivity. A person can operate most of the smart systems from a central point if you have them connected. Most people prefer to do this either via Wi-Fi, or other channels like Bluetooth. Such easy control could help you save a lot of time and energy. It also grants you the chance to multitask throughout the day. I am not a techie, but I do enjoy being in touch with current technology. As a result, I have always wanted a smart thermostat system for my home. The digitized air conditioning system allows the user to operate it centrally from a connected mobile device, regardless of their location. Since I am very particular about having the right temperature in my house, purchasing a smart thermostat would be very beneficial. For starters, it would allow me to set the preferred state of air conditioning down to the last decimal. I am aware that with an HVAC system, even a difference of one point is very significant. Secondly, a smart thermostat would alert me in case of any faultiness, allowing me to arrange for HVAC system repairs promptly. Lastly, buying and installing a smart thermostat for my home would greatly help save energy. Digitized air conditioning systems can automatically measure a room’s temperature and adjust accordingly. When the house is empty, the smart thermostat will reduce the heating or cooling to a minimum, thus saving on energy usage. Getting a smart thermostat for my home heating and cooling requirements will be a great improvement for my home.



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